Hop little bunnies

The Very Helpful Hedgehog by Rosie Wellesley

PANTS by Giles Andreae

Hello again! I hope you enjoy my first story upload- I thought I would start with a fun book to hopefully make you all smile.

Brown Bear Brown Bear by Bill Martin

A story with special effects! Firefighter Pete the Cat

Fire Fire! If you see any fire during the video, please help by blowing them out!

Starting school

Another story about starting school. This one is a little dated- it is more 1980's starting school than 2020 but I am sure there will be some elements which your child will be able to relate too. There was once a swimming pool at Boyne Hill. Perhaps you could have a chat together about your memories of starting school and use as a prompt to talk about what you know already about your child's new school.

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This story is about a little Tortoise who doesn't want to accept that he has to hibernate during the winter. I hope you enjoy it.

Tabby McTat by Julia Donaldson

Please enjoy my reading of Tabby McTat by Julia Donaldson. It is the first time I have recorded like that so I will try and find a clearer way of showing the pictures, but I hope it is clear enough. I will try and add a couple a week. Love Mr P

The Snail and the Whale

I hope you enjoy this story that Stanley bought us. Keep Smiling

MONSTERS! by Angela McAllister and Charlotte Middleton

Have you ever really wanted a pet, promised mum and dad that you would do everything to look after it, to be responsible for it and to make sure that it was fed, watered and exercised? Well this story shows you what might happen if you do. I hope you enjoy it. Mr Phillips xxx

Windhover by Christian Birmingham

Another storytime for you, I hope you enjoy it!

The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat

I thought it would be nice to hear another one of the stories from our set about the Lighthouse Keeper. ENJOY!

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